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Non-Invasive Body Fat Freeze


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Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive surgical method that supports fat & weight loss. With age, some fat becomes truly stubborn in areas such as the jawline & neck (turkey neck), stomach (known as a muffin top), waistline (love handles), back, and thighs.  


Freeze Fat NOW!

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Long Term, Proven Results


FreezeTheFat is safe, efficient, & shows visible results without the incisions or anesthesia normally required in an effective surgical procedure. LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool 


A Simple Process!

During a  procedure, the machine targets fat underneath the skin in a specific area. Fat is triggered by the cold in such a way that it crystallizes and becomes metabolized. The procedure lasts approximately one hour, targeting all the dimpled cellulite areas. The overall chunky and tough feeling become smooth and contoured within days. LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool LipoCool 


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